Cath Schaff-Stump: “Mark Twain’s Daughter”

Cath Schaff-Stump‘s contribution to Abandoned Places first appeared in Paper Golem’s Cucurbital 3. Here she shares her motivation for writing the story and the intent behind it:

“‘Up go the trolley cars for Mark Twain’s daughter. Down go the trolley cars for Mark Twain’s daughter.’ These lines haunted me when I first heard them in a documentary about Mark Twain. They were said by his daughter Susy Clemens who died of spinal meningitis, alone, in the family’s gigantic home in Hartford, Connecticut. Borrowing heavily from documented biographical information, I imagined Susy’s fever dream might have been something like this.

Abandoned Places is coming on March 9, 2018 to bookstores everywhere. Check our preorder links for more information.

Lara Kristin Herndon: “The Money Book”

Author Lara Kristin Herndon shares her thoughts on Abandoned Places:

Photo by Eric Kvatek
“Edmund Burke distinguished the sublime from the beautiful by saying that the first comes from pleasure, the second from pain. The thrill and intrigue of abandoned places belongs to the latter category: the pain resides in our knowledge — buried just under the surface as we go about our lives — that the works of man won’t last, that we will die and all our legacy crumble or be put to uses far from what we intended. In this story I wanted to bank the fires of the sublime under something beautiful: a late-life domestic scene between two women who have meant everything to each other. But the pain is still there — it’s just cozy, tender pain.”

Friday, March 9th is the magical release date. Preorder wherever books are sold.

Steve Kopka: “Making Friends”

Author Steve Kopka shares the inspiration for his story in the upcoming anthology, Abandoned Places.

“I had lunch with a friend on a beautiful warm fall day. She was eight months pregnant and had just moved into a new neighborhood. She was excited. Her new home was in a much different area of the city—mostly houses, mostly families. There was even a community garden down the block. Everything in her life was about to change: she was recently married, had just purchased her first house, and was about to become a mother. As I drove away from this lovely lunch, smiling in the crisp sunlight, I thought about my friend’s new neighborhood and its community garden and my fiction-brain slowly rotated that pleasant scene until a sliver of darkness appeared. Apologies to my friend, her neighbors, and their community garden.”

Abandoned Places drops on Friday, March 9th and is available from a variety of fine retailers.

Abandoned Places – Table of Contents

Getting ready for Abandoned Places? Here’s the Table of Contents to whet your appetite.

Bo Balder: “Cardinal Skin”

Ray Bradbury: “There Will Come Soft Rains”

Lauren C. Teffeau: “Glitch”

Steve Kopka: “Making Friends”

Maria Haskins: “A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar”

Chris Cornell: “Deleted Scenes”

Ransom Noble: “Two Tails”

Karl Dandenell: “The Astrologer of the Fifth Floor”

Cath Schaff-Stump: “Mark Twain’s Daughter”

Edgar Allen Poe: “The Oval Portrait”

Shannon Ryan: “Episode 14”

Chris Bauer: “Nothing Save His Anger”

Miranda Suri: “The Last Light”

M. R. James: “The Treasure of Abbot Thomas”

Anna Yeatts: “The Stories We Tell to Sleep at Night”

Chia Lynn Evers: “A Jangle of Bells and Voices”

Doug Engstrom: “The Lost”

Lara Kristin Herndon: “The Money Book”

George R. Galuschak: “Fishing Village of the Damned”

BethAnn Ferrero: “The Inheritance”

Dashiell Hammett: “The Parthian Shot”

Abandoned Places

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