Steve Kopka: “Making Friends”

Author Steve Kopka shares the inspiration for his story in the upcoming anthology, Abandoned Places.

“I had lunch with a friend on a beautiful warm fall day. She was eight months pregnant and had just moved into a new neighborhood. She was excited. Her new home was in a much different area of the city—mostly houses, mostly families. There was even a community garden down the block. Everything in her life was about to change: she was recently married, had just purchased her first house, and was about to become a mother. As I drove away from this lovely lunch, smiling in the crisp sunlight, I thought about my friend’s new neighborhood and its community garden and my fiction-brain slowly rotated that pleasant scene until a sliver of darkness appeared. Apologies to my friend, her neighbors, and their community garden.”

Abandoned Places drops on Friday, March 9th and is available from a variety of fine retailers.